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  • NYC’s rent ‘increase’ meant landlord losses

NYC’s rent ‘increase’ meant landlord losses

The data is indisputable: Adjusting for inflation, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board in Mayor Adams’ first three years has advanced rent adjustments that are more than twice as…

Report from Lander suggests NYC’s migrant shelter stay limit enforced in ‘haphazard’ fashion, ‘disregarded humanity’

City Comptroller Brad Lander released a report finding Mayor Eric Adams’ 60-day shelter limit for migrant families was implemented in a ‘haphazard’ fashion. Thursday, May 9, 2024. Photo by Ethan…

NYC’s migrant curfew is not racist, it is commonplace shelter follow

Progressives and migrant advocates have their lingerie in a twist over Metropolis Corridor’s totally legit curfew at 4 city-funded migrant facilities. Sorry: The identical rule is longstanding at common homeless…