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Laparotomy is performed when complications occur. The volume of surgical intervention is determined by the size of inderal, the removed tissues can be used for histopathological confirmation of the diagnosis. Modern equipment for minimally invasive surgery makes it possible to remove larvae and cauterize bleeding vessels of the mucosa already during diagnostic endoscopy.

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Early extraction is carried out with forceps, it is necessary to ensure that inderal is completely removed, to examine all parts of the stomach, especially carefully - a large curvature.

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Abamectin, farnesol and nerolidol are considered as new effective drugs for the elimination of larval forms of anisakids. The absence of helminth defense mechanisms against oxidative stress induced by abamectin and farnesol confirms the susceptibility of parasites and the usefulness of these compounds in the treatment of anisakiasis; the process of lipid peroxidation starts within half an hour after taking the medication. Modern studies of the problem of anisakiasis often pursue therapeutic and prophylactic goals.

Timely detection and treatment of symptoms of Propranolol allows us to talk about a favorable prognosis of the disease. Lethal cases have not been recorded.

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Specific preventive measures (vaccines) have not been developed. Regular helminthological examination of marine life used for food purposes is required, adherence to the correct technology for processing fish - quick gutting, keeping inside freezers at a temperature of -20 ° C for at least 60 hours, sufficient cooking, refraining from eating raw seafood.

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The effects of the essential oils of oregano, caraway, and Spanish lavender on muscle fish larvae recently described by scientists indicate that the parasites do not cause any damage to the animal's digestive apparatus. The anthelmintic activity of essential oils is associated with their chemical composition, which is dominated by mono-, sesquiterpenes; The mechanism of action is not yet fully understood and probably involves membrane disruption that increases the permeability of cytoplasmic membranes and mitochondrial membranes in eukaryotic organisms.

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