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Ime Udoka ejected for calling LeBron James ‘soft’ and other things (video)

Ime Udoka ejected for calling LeBron James 'soft' and other things (video)

Houston Rockets head coach Ime Udoka was ejected in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers for calling LeBron James a “soft a– boy” during their defeat Saturday night.

Udoka, who gained infamy for getting fired as head coach after cheating on actress Nia Long with a married employee of the Boston Celtics, blew his lid after his Rockets fell behind the Lakers, 93-78, in the fourth quarter of a 107-97 victory.

In addition to a scuffle on the court, Udoka and King James got into a war of words near the Rockets sideline.

According to Sports Illustrated, referee J.T. Orr was monitoring both men during the conversation when he suddenly slapped both James and Udoka with technicals. Since it was Udoka’s second technical foul of the game, he was immediately ejected.

“We had some conversation, and they didn’t like what they heard,” Udoka later said of the confrontation before he was escorted off the court. 

“I didn’t like our physicality,” Udoka added. “To kind of get punked by a team that’s not known for physicality or punking people is not a good sign.”

After the game, James made light of the argument with Udoka, saying they were discussing “Thanksgiving.”

The confrontation eclipsed James’ spectacular play during the game, which defied his nearly 39 years on earth, including 21 years in the NBA.

“It never ceases to amaze me what he’s able to do. It’s a crazy layup, it’s a crazy shot. We got a tech for it so we know it was that crazy,” James’ teammate Anthony Davis said. “I think it’s just, at this point in his career that he’s done everything, that he literally goes out and just tries stuff and see what works. So it was a good shot.”

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