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‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison’s son Adam ‘lacked sound reasoning and mental clarity’ before fatal overdose

'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison's son Adam 'lacked sound reasoning and mental clarity' before fatal overdose

New details surrounding the death of Adam Harrison, the son of “Pawn Stars” lead Rick Harrison, have been revealed.

A heavily redacted incident report obtained by The Post from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department states Adam, 39, who Rick claims died on Jan. 19 of a fentanyl overdose, had previously been to jail for around three months before moving into an unidentified person’s guesthouse in Las Vegas where he was found dead.

While it’s unclear why Adam was incarcerated, Rick told The Post in a statement Friday, “Fentanyl turned my son into someone he wasn’t and that brought with it bad decisions and spending time in jail.”

Adam had reportedly been living in the guest house for two weeks before his passing. A woman who lived in an RV close to the main and guest houses told police that he had demonstrated some alarming behavior, including barricading himself in the house by pushing furniture against the doors.

“His conversations were often lacking sound reasoning and mental clarity,” the report states.

Additionally, the unidentified woman claimed Adam gave himself two black eyes when he learned that a redacted person had a new boyfriend.

“He did not want to beat up the new boyfriend so he beat up himself,” the docs read.

Police list Jan. 17 as the last day Adam was seen.

Adam and Rick Harrison. AP
Rick Harrison on “Pawn Stars.” History Channel/Courtesy Everett Collec / Everett Collection

One day later, a woman in her 30s who was renting the main house became concerned for Adam.

After knocking on the guest house door multiple times with no answer, she returned home. She later found a message from Adam via Facebook Messenger claiming he was sick and would quarantine.

On Jan. 19, the woman contacted the landlord to inform them of the situation. The landlord, 50, went inside and found Adam upstairs on the bed unresponsive, then called police and two other redacted contacts.

Rick Harrison from History’s “Pawn Stars” television series attends Murray SawChuck’s 50th birthday party at Rick’s Tavern on November 27, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images

The docs claim Adam had a history of drug use and “commonly used” alcohol, opioids and fentanyl. 

Police found two vials of a redacted substance next to the mattress. Also at the scene was a foil with an unknown pill, lighters and narcotic paraphernalia straws. His official cause of death was not listed in the docs.

The Post has contacted a rep for Rick for comment.

In a previous statement to The Post, Rick claimed Adam died from a fentanyl overdose and blamed America’s border crisis.

“The fentanyl crisis in this country must be taken more seriously,” he wrote. “It seems it is just flowing over the borders and nothing is being done about it. We must do better.”

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