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Raspberry Pi maker builds gadget to hack neighbor’s Bluetooth audio system that have been streaming annoying music

Raspberry Pi maker builds gadget to hack neighbor's Bluetooth audio system that have been streaming annoying music

Editor’s take: The way in which Roni Bandini describes the venture makes it appear comparatively simple and constructed on a shoestring – for instance, they used the steel enclosure from a damaged audio board as one of many components. However the venture may include some authorized dangers so beware when attempting this your self.

Not a confrontational individual? Or to be extra exact, you are not a confrontational one that would not respect the musical stylings of reggaeton music blasted at full quantity via a wall you share with a neighbor at 9 within the morning? That was Raspberry Pi maker and developer Roni Bandini’s predicament, and whereas annoying, he additionally noticed the intrusion as a chance to construct an AI gadget that might deal with the state of affairs extra creatively.

Thus, Reggaeton Be Gone was born, the title chosen as an homage to the Television-B-Gone gadget. It will probably monitor room audio and establish the reggaeton style with machine studying. Then it triggers comm requests and packets to the Bluetooth speaker with the aim of disabling it or a minimum of disturbing the sound a lot that the neighbor might be compelled to show it off.

It is not foolproof. For instance, not all Bluetooth audio system are weak, and the speaker must be comparatively near the Raspberry Pi Bluetooth to achieve it. Moreover, Bandini’s venture comes with some attainable authorized dangers, so ensure that it’s in compliance with native legal guidelines and rules earlier than attempting it. Bandini additionally warns folks to make use of it solely with their very own Bluetooth audio system “for instructional functions.”

With these disclaimers out of the way in which, that is roughly how they did it.

A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ was related to a DFRobot OLED show panel with a 128 x 32px decision. A USB microphone was used to deal with the audio, and a push button is used to manage when the system checks for the presence of reggaeton music inside earshot.

Different components that went into the venture included a microSD card, 5V 3A energy provide, feminine to feminine jumper cables and a 3d printed case entrance.

There are a number of music style AI classification datasets and fashions like GTZAN, however Bandini didn’t discover a reggaeton class, in order that they needed to prepare their very own mannequin, noting that reggaeton’s basic syncopated rhythm sample makes it best for machine studying sample recognition.

Bandini plans to publish how he educated the mannequin quickly however did say after downloading a number of songs and exporting them to 16khz wav, the wavs have been uploaded to the Edge Impulse platform.

There’s way more that went into the venture, which Bandini describes right here.

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