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Eight-year-old’s inflation rant over ice cream prices goes viral

Eight-year-old's inflation rant over ice cream prices goes viral

They’re mad as hell.

Two treat-seeking misses were knocked seriously off course after a trip to see their local ice cream man — only to discover that the cost of a cone had recently exploded.

Marnie and Myrah, 8-year-old twins from Burnley, England, inadvertently wound up encapsulating societal exhaustion over the ever-rising price of nearly everything in a sweet social media post that has now gone viral, snagging over 15 million views.

Eight-year-old twin girls from Burnley reacting to today's ice cream prices, one girl with her mouth open and her finger up in a TikTok video.
Marnie, 8, delivers her blistering takedown while identical twin Myrah looks on. TikTok/@karislambert

The toothache-making trouble began when the cost-conscious kiddos discovered their beloved Mr. Whippys now cost over $5 each — whipping the two into a frosty frenzy, which a family member caught on video.

“Girls, what’s just happened,” their aunt Karis Lambert asks innocently, at which point the ladies launch into their tirade.

“So, there’s an ice cream van there, selling two ice creams for nine quid ($11.43) — bloody nine pounds for two of them,” Marnie says incredulously, in a hilariously thick northern accent.

“Nine quid — he’s going to get nowhere with that, he should know,” the cute critic continued, suggesting the glacé moron might consider charging one or two pounds per cone instead.

“And he only does bloody card — [I’m] stood there with my cash, bloody hell,” she goes on to explain, describing insult added to injury, before walking away, tossing a furious “bet he can hear me” and a withering eyeroll in the direction of the vendor.

“Does she offer services by the hour? I’ve got a water bill I don’t agree with and I think she could handle the situation better than me,” one commenter posted.

“Hope she keeps speaking her mind like this for the rest of her life,” another chimed in.

Shelf displaying containers of Enlightened low calorie ice cream at a Whole Foods store in Nashville, TN, USA on April 6th, 2018
The viral critique of the rising cost of living comes at a time when consumers are paying more than ever for ice cream and other popular items at the grocery store. ColleenMichaels – stock.adobe.com

“She knows how we feel when we go to the grocery store,” a third person said.

The clip of the gouge-weary gals struck a cord at a time when inflated food prices — and low-grade rage over the rise — have become the norm.

McDonald’s customers expressed their anger in a recent viral Reddit post after a study showed that the cost of a McFlurry had skyrocketed an average of 88% over the last decade — just one of many hard-to-swallow increases on the fast food giant’s menu.

At frozen treat purveyor Starbucks, fans appear to be turning away from their Frappuccino habits — shares are down 16% and analysts are warning of similarly unsweet news to come in 2024, all thanks to inflation.

Meanwhile at top restaurants in the Big Apple, soft serve ice cream has lately become something of a luxury item, with customers paying a whopping $12 per dish.

Don’t tell Marnie.

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