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Joe can’t hide from Bidenomics, Clinton trade relations and other commentary

Joe can’t hide from Bidenomics, Clinton trade relations and other commentary

From the right: Joe Can’t Hide From Bidenomics

“As far as the November election is concerned, the issue of inflation is settled, and President Biden has lost,” declares Jason De Sena Trennert at The Washington Times.

No matter how you square it, “over the last three years, the average person’s purchasing power has declined meaningfully.”

The cost of “food, energy, housing, clothing, insurance and utility costs” is up 21.2% since Biden took office, while “wages have risen 15.1%.” The clear cause: Biden’s reckless spending, running deficits over 7% of GDP.

And: “There is nothing his campaign can do to escape blame for the fact that the average person’s standard of living has deteriorated during his term.”

Biden’s message is that the economy is thriving, but “if you feel your take-home pay can’t keep up with inflation, you’re right.” 

China Watch: Clinton Trade Relations

On taking office in1993, President Bill Clinton “demanded human- rights improvements as a condition” for China to keep its Most FavoredNation trade status, but “on May 26, 1994, Mr. Clinton delinked” the issues, recalls GOP Rep. Chris Smith at The Wall Street Journal.

That signaled “that the U.S. cared only for trade and profit.” Argh: Smith warned back then that “Clinton was turning his back on the oppressed in China and that the Communist Party couldn’t be trusted.”

And in fact, “the party got rich and militarily powerful. The Chinese people, Americans and the world are paying the price.”

Now, “to right past wrongs and rebalance the trade relationship,” Congress must “repeal permanent normal trade relations [for China], as MFN is now known.”

That would 1) provide “the U.S. more leverage to protect its economic and security interests” and 2) “be good for the Chinese people, even if it comes more than 30 years late.”

Eye on NY: Statewide Population Nosedive

New York’s demographic decline comes into sharp focus as the latest Census Bureau population estimates show “that 80 percent of the state’s towns and cities have lost residents since 2020,” reports the Empire Center’s E.J. McMahon.

Beyond New York City’s already-reported population loss, “all but four of the Empire State’s 20 most populous localities have experienced population decreases.”

Of the state’s 994 towns and cities, “the population increased in 191 places, decreased in 796, and was unchanged in seven.”

And the areas that saw in increases “are scattered across the mid-Hudson Valley, northern Catskills and eastern Suffolk County, which gained more migrants from New York City in the wake of the pandemic outbreak in 2020.”

Border beat: Dems’ Immigrant Crime Lies

“Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy argued on the Senate floor that actually, you’re ‘statistically safer’ living in an immigrant neighborhood because immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans,” but in reality “100 percent of illegal immigrants commit . . . a crime the moment they illegally cross the international border,” thunders The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson.

And “the relevant data suggest illegal immigrants do commit crimes at a much higher rate.”

Even if Murphy were right, “mass illegal immigration is a serious problem because it compromises our integrity and coherence as a nation.”

Ukraine desk: Biden’s Decision Point

“Ukraine needs a game-changer,” argue Mark Toth & Jonathan Sweet at The Hill — and “President Biden needs to summon his inner Franklin Roosevelt” to deliver a no-fly zone in eastern Ukraine and a greenlight to use US-made weapons inside Russia.

“Ample justification already exists to establish a no-fly zone,” and “Putin likely does not want to take on NATO.”

The zone would merely “help deter Russian drone and cruise missile attacks and diminish their effectiveness.”

Will Biden “become the man who would have let Bin Laden escape, and then let Ukraine fall? Or is he willing to fill Roosevelt’s shoes and stand on the right side of history — and on the right side of humanity?”

“Ukrainian civilians literally are dying for him to make the right decision.”

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